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Africa Regional Services (ARS Paris) is the primary source of French language program materials for American Cultural Centers at U.S. embassies throughout francophone Africa.

It is a branch of the Department of State's Bureau of African Affairs and was established in 1962 as a center for cultural and information programs and services in French.
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Speakers and Artists

The Africa Regional Services’ U.S. Speakers and Performing Artists is designed to enable U.S. experts, based in Europe, Near East and Africa, to share professional expertise in a variety of fields, inter alia:

Economic reform,
Human rights,
Role of a free press,
Education and development for girls and women,
American music,

with their counterparts in Africa.  

The programs encourage an exchange of viewpoints on subjects of common interest. Programs include conferences, seminars, lectures, concerts, workshops, master classes, formal and informal meetings and other public events organized by US Embassy, often in cooperation with African academic, cultural, and professional institutions. Speaker and Specialist events are held throughout Africa.

Programs are done through travel to one to three countries in Africa as well as through video/telephone conferences from the ARS studio in Paris.

If you are a U.S. expert, based in Europe, Near East or Africa, and are interested in sharing your professional expertise with African counterparts, please contact the Africa Regional Services' Speaker and Performing Artists program at
including a resume with contact information, field of expertise, background, professional experience and public speaking experience.